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This website provides information and support for anyone who may be experiencing difficulties with anxiety, depression or stress. Read more...

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Talk Liverpool is a free NHS service offering quick and easy access to talking therapies, practical support, and employment advice. Learn more...

There are many ways of getting strong. Sometimes talking is the best way.

Talk Liverpool is an Improving Access to Psychological Therapies (IAPT) service and our aim is to provide psychological treatments, sometimes called talking treatments, to help people who have common mental health problems such as feeling stressed, feeling low in mood (depressed) or very nervous (anxiety).

We aim to see you quickly and offer the kind of help you want in the way you want it. We can work with you on the telephone, face to face, on line and through offering a range of courses and workshops. We can see you at one of our hubs near to you or at a health centre or community venue.