Getting the right support

Client under 16 years old?

If your client is under the age of 16, their GP or their parent/guardian can refer them to Child and Adolescent Mental Health Services (CAMHS) in your area. Alternatively, they're able to access the Young Person's Advisory Service (YPAS) in your area.

Children and Young People's Mental Health (CAMHS)

CAMHS promotes the mental health, emotional and wellbeing of all children, young people and their families/carers.

T: 0151 293 3662



Young Person's Advisory Service (YPAS)

YPAS Liverpool supports children, young people and families across Liverpool



Central hub

A: 36 Bolton street, Liverpool, L3 5LX

T: 0151 707 1025

YPAS Plus - South

A: Lyndene Road, Liverpool, L25 1NG

T: 0151 305 2031

YPAS Plus - North

A: Croxdale Road West, Liverpool, L14 8YA

T: 0151 305 2040

Not registered with a Liverpool GP?

If your client is not registered with a Liverpool GP, they can't access Talk Liverpool's services. To register them with a Liverpool GP, please click HERE.

Alternative talking therapy services

Alternatively, your client can access other Improving Access to Psychological Therapies (IAPT) services within their local area:

Sefton talking therapy service

T: 0300 303 2708



Wirral talking therapy service

T: 0151 649 1859


Think Wellbeing Knowsley talking therapy service

T: 0151 430 1707


Warrington talking therapy service

T: 01925 401 720


Think Wellbeing Halton talking therapy service

T: 0151 292 6954


Think Wellbeing Wigan talking therapy service

T: 01942 264 051


Problems with drugs, alcohol or gambling?

If your client/patient's main problem is with drugs, alcohol or gambling, they can't access Talk Liverpool's services until they've received appropriate support.

Action on Addiction

Action on Addiction brings help, hope and freedom to those living with addiction and those living with people who suffer problems of addiction.

T: 0300 330 0659



Looking for self-help guides?

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