Talk Liverpool Performance Data

How did we do in October 2018?

All data is provisional data due to a delay in published statistics from NHS England.

Who do we receive referrals from?

October 18


Once we receive the referral...

Referral Received to First Assessment

National Targets 

  • 75% of patients should receive a first assessment within 6 weeks (42 days) of the referral being received into the Service
  • 95% of patients should receive a first assessment within 18 weeks (126 days) of the referral being received into the Service.

In Talk Liverpool

  • The average wait from referral to first assessment is currently 11 days and both 6 week and 18 week targets are consistently met, see graph below for past 12 months worth of data.

Average Waiting times from first Assessment to starting Treatment

Following Assessment with the Service either by telephone or face to face, the service aim to get patients into treatment within 8 weeks of the Assessment taking place.

  Average wait in weeks
Step 2 5.1
Step 3  9.2
Talk Liverpool  6.1

Notes: Actual waiting times will vary according to a number of factors. Waiting times may vary according to the type of treatment being recommended. Waiting times are likely to be longer than the average where people have particular requests regarding location or time, particularly for evening appointments.

More people, get better quicker with Talk Liverpool



What does this mean?

The number of Did Not Attend (DNA) and cancellations equates to 18 full time therapists time being lost across the month*

This means on average an extra 213 patients could have started treatment and therefore reduced current waiting times

* This is based on a Therapist delivering 24 contacts per week.

Recovery Rates - What is Recovery?

Recovery is measured using a series of questionnaires that are filled in at each appointment with your therapist. To be deemed "In Recovery" you must have attended a minimum of two appointments and your scores at the first and last appointment will be counted. Your first scores must be above a certain threshold and the final scores below that. If all of that is met, you will be classed as "In Recovery". You do not need to complete your agreed treatment to be classed as "In Recovery". 

However as the graph shows below, you are more likely to recover if you complete your agreed treatment with Talk Liverpool

Across the last 12 months, 79% of people who completed their treatment recovered

Further more detailed definitions of Recovery can be found on NHS Digital and NHS England Websites.

How do people access the Talk Liverpool website?

Devices Total number of website sessions
Desktop 40%
Mobile 56%
Tablet 4%

There were 5048 hits on the website in the month

997 of these resulted in a referral to Talk Liverpool (20%)

 All data is provisional data due to a delay in published statistics from NHS England

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