OCD Course

What does the course cover?

The course will cover the following:

Session 1:  Introduction to the course

An introduction to the course in which you will learn more about CBT, the different types of OCD, and how to begin treatment using our guided self-management programme.

Session 2:  Planning where to start

Understanding more about contamination OCD, setting goals for therapy, learning about Exposure and Response Prevention (ERP), and how to create your own hierarchy for treatment.   

Session 3:  One to one

30 minute one to one session building on material covered in session 2 and focussed on reviewing your treatment hierarchy 

Session 4: Getting started

Understanding more about unpleasant intrusive thoughts within OCD, how to ensure ERP is effective, and planning how to start and record your progress during treatment. 

Session 5:  How did it go?

Understanding more about checking and doubting within OCD, reviewing progress during ERP, looking after yourself during treatment, and the role of family and friends.

Session 6:  One to one

30 minute one to one session to review how ERP practice is going and to plan the next step. 

Session 7: Keeping it going and maintaining progress

Understanding more about straightening, ordering and symmetry within OCD, reviewing progress during ERP, troubleshooting during treatment, and planning where to go next. An overall review of the treatment course, relapse prevention planning, re-evaluating goals for therapy and setting new ones for the future.

How does the course run?

  • We invite you to attend 7 sessions of the OCD course.
  • We will meet for 2 individual sessions, and 5 group sessions.
  • Between each sessions you will be asked to go away and practice a skill that will help you with your OCD.
  • You will be expected to attend all 7 sessions in order to gain full benefit from the course.
  • Please be aware that if you miss 2 sessions of the course, you will be discharged from Talk Liverpool back to the care of your GP.


If you are interested in this course you can self-refer to the service by clicking HERE and we will contact you to arrange an initial telephone assessment.