Helping you to feel better quickly

Our courses can help you to start feeling better straight away by giving you information about depression and anxiety and showing you useful techniques to help you overcome your problems. You won’t have to speak in front of others if you don’t want to, members of our friendly team will lead the way by giving talks about depression and anxiety which explain how to deal with them. All you have to do is attend to each meeting, listen to the talks, and then practice what you’ve learnt at home.

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic we had to suspend our face to face courses and have moved these online for your convenience, we hope to return to offering you the choice of face to face courses when it is safe to do so.


Online Skills for Well-being Course

Is this course right for me?

This course is perfect for you if:

  • You are feeling overwhelmed, anxious, or stressed
  • Have one or more of the following: anxiety; depression; panic; poor sleep; poor self-esteem / low self-confidence; irritability; burnout
  • You want to learn how to manage current problem areas, and how to prevent the chances of getting in to difficulty again in future

What will I learn?

This course can teach you:

  • How to feel more positive about yourself
  • How to better manage a range of different problem areas
  • New skills to help tackle unhelpful thoughts
  • When to use a skill, or when to combine skills, to overcome a problem
  • How to gradually start making positive changes in your life
  • How to improve your mood; reduce anxiety and stress; increase sleep; and overall feel better in terms of both physical and mental wellbeing


What does the course cover?

Session 1: Introduction, Goal Setting and Relaxation

Session 2: Depression

Session 3: Worry

Session 4: Addressing Unhelpful Thoughts

Session 5: Understanding and dealing with panic and tips for better sleep

Session 6: Looking after yourself in the future

To find out more about the content of each session please click here

How does the course run?

  • You will be expected to attend all 6 sessions in order to gain full benefit from the course
  • We will be meeting once a week for 1hr 30mins- 2hrs (same day and time each week)
  • Please log into the Zoom waiting room 10 minutes before the start of each session
  • Please keep your video camera switched on during the session, it helps us to have some visual feedback and see that you are OK
  • Between each session you will be asked to go away and practice a skill that will help you to learn how to better manage your current problems. In-between session work is important for progress.
  • This is not group counselling – you do not have to share experiences with the group
  • Sometimes we may want to call you after a course session if you've answered your questionnaires in certain ways, just to check that you are OK, so please make sure you are available.