Online Skills for Wellbeing Course

What does the course cover?

Session 1: Introduction, Goal Setting and Relaxation

    • How the course works and what to expect
    • What is CBT, understanding the links between our thoughts, behaviours, and physical symptoms.
    • Setting Goals, how to make these SMART
    • How to relax
    • Handouts for session 1
    • Video for session 1

Session 2: Depression

    • What is depression
    • Vicious cycle of depression
    • Using Behavioural Activation to manage low mood
    • Handouts for session 2
    • Video for session 2

Session 3: Worry

Session 4: Addressing Unhelpful Thoughts

  • Revisiting the vicious cycle of low mood
  • The 10 different unhelpful thinking styles
    • Which ones do you recognise
    • How do I challenge these thoughts
  • Handouts for session 4

Session 5: Understanding and dealing with panic and tips for better sleep

  • What is panic
  • Fight, Flight or Freeze
  • The vicious cycle of panic
  • Avoidance and other safety behaviours
  • How do I deal with my panic
  • Getting a good nights sleep
  • Handouts for session 5

Session 6: Looking after yourself in the future

  • Recap of course content and skills learned
  • Reviewing my goals
  • Maintaining my progress
  • Lapses and Relapses
    • Looking out for the warning signs
    • What do I need to keep working on
  • 5 Steps to Well-being
  • Handouts for session 6


To download the course workbook please click here